Goten: So Goku how did the Hollow slaying go?

Goku: It was good until a Menos showed up.

Goten: A Menos?!

Goku: Yeah, but Captain LT took care of it.

Goten: I guess he released his Zanpakuto, right?

Goku: The what now?

Goten: ...He didn't teach you how to release it?

As Goten asked Goku about his experience while slaying Hollow's two girls show up.

LT: Oh not you...

Ella: Figures that he wouldn't teach him considering LT is such a lazy captain.

LT: What do you want Ella...

Ella: That's Captain Ella for you and I was just taking a walk with Cocoa till we bumped into you.

LT: Cocoa? I guess she must be new.

Ella: Yes I told her to join my squad though.

LT: ...Cool.

Goku: Hello there Cocoa nice to meet you i'm Goku.

Cocoa: ...Hi

Goku: I see that you are new too right?

Cocoa: Yes...

Ella: Lets go Cocoa don't get used to be around Soul Reapers from Captain LT's squad.

Cocoa: Okay...

Ella and Cocoa walked away as LT clenched his fist in anger.

Goku: Are you okay Captain?

LT: ...Yeah its just that Ella has always been like that and it makes me angry.

Goku: Oh did something happen between you two before I joined the squad?

LT: ...Nah she has always been like very proud herself, you can think of us as rivals.

Goku: Ah okay sorry about my questions.

LT: Its okay if you are in my squad you need to know me right.

Goku: I guess so.

Goten: Sorry to interrupt but Kotsu called and said he had a new mission for you.

LT: Okay, lets go Goku.

Goku: Okay.

Goku and LT walked to the place Kotsu was waiting for them. They entered the room and saw Kotsu reading some papers regarding the mission.

LT: Did you call us Kotsu?

Kotsu: Yes about the new mission.

Goku: Cool.

Kotsu: I'm gonna warn you its gonna be dangerous there are probably gonna be Adjuchas level Hollow's so be very careful.

LT: ...Okay Goku Adjuchas level Hollow's are Hollow's that have evolved above the level of Menos meaning they are more powerful do you think you are up for the mission?

Goku: Of course.

Kotsu: Very well, I wish you two good luck and take Goten with you.

LT: Okay.

LT and Goku left the room as they started to plan what they were gonna do while looking for Goten.

Goku: Hey Goten you are gonna come with us on the new mission.

Goten: Cool then lets go.

The three of them departed through a Senkaimon to Hueco Mundo in preparation for there new mission.