LT: ...I can't believe you learned Bankai so quick.

Ella: I second that...

Goku: I am just that awesome.

LT: ....Don't get cocky now.

Cocoa: What Goku said.

Ella: Well someone is spending too much time with Goku.

Goku: Awww shush.

LT: Lets stop talking and try using your Bankai against us.

Goku: I would but i'm starting to feel dizzy...

Cocoa: Me too...

Goku and Cocoa's Bankai went away as they both passed out on the ground.

LT: Guess the power is still to much for them to control after all.

Ella: Of course its the first time they use Bankai.

LT: I know that.

Ella: ....Sure.

They both picked up Goku and Cocoa and took them to rest for a while when they woke up again.

Goku: Ugh what happened?

LT: You both passed out because of the power of your Bankai.

Goku: Oh right I forgot.

Ella: We just took you here to rest for a bit we will continue later.

Cocoa: Oh...thanks then.

Ella: Whatever.

Goku: So how was our Bankai?

LT: I never felt such an immense spiritual pressure.

Ella: Same here.

Goku: Wow our Bankai's must be powerful then.

Cocoa: Yeah I want to try using it already.

LT: You will once you have rested.

Goku: I'm already at full energy.

Cocoa: Me too.

Ella: Your still not gonna go to use it yet.

Goku: Damn it that didn't work.

LT: ....HA!

Goku: Awww shut up.

LT: Nah its fun messing with you.

Goku: I hate you in the friendly way...

Cocoa: I wonder what my Bankai looked like.

Ella: You'll see soon once you rest.

Cocoa: Okay.

LT: Goku did you feel something weird when you activated your Bankai by any chance..?

Goku: Besides the increase in power no why?

LT: ...Its nothing.

Goku: Okay.

Cocoa: Okay now i'm feeling okay again.

Goku: Me too lets go training again.

LT: Are you sure?

Goku: Yeah.

LT: Okay then lets go Ella.

Ella: Ugh how many times do I have to tell you its CAPT-

LT: Aww just shut up and come.

Ella: ....Screw you.

The four of them then went outside again to restart the Bankai training.