In the place called Karakura Town people with special powers could see special beings known as Soul Reapers their job is to make sure humans are safe from evil beings known as Hollows....and this is where our story begins.

LT: Okay Goku, I know this is your first time slaying Hollows, so that's why I came here with you.

Goku: Okay Captain LT. I'm ready.

LT: Good, that's what I wanted to hear. It's not gonna be as easy as in the academy.

Goku: Yeah I know, but with my Zanpakuto I can slay any Hollow.

LT: Don't be so confident. Not all Hollow's are the same.

Goku: I kn-

As LT explained the basics to Goku soon they started to feel some spiritual pressure that was similar to a Hollow's.

LT: They are here! Get ready Goku!

Goku: Okay!

As soon as they saw the Hollows coming towards them, they both took out their Zanpakutos and started to battle them.

LT: Goku, how are you holding out?

Goku: I thought it was gonna be harder. This is a piece of cake.

LT: Glad to hear it, now don't let your guard down for an instant.

Goku: Okay....but look up in the sky.

They both looked up in the sky to see that all the Hollows were starting to gather there.

LT: Uh-oh. This is not good.

Goku: What do you mean?

LT: Goku, do as I say and run.

Goku: Why?

LT: Just go!

As LT told Goku to leave, a giant Hollow appeared from the crack in the sky.

Goku: That's a...

LT: A Menos Grande...

Goku: But I can't handle that!

LT: Don't worry, now stand back and watch.

As Goku stood back, he felt as LT's spiritual pressure started to increase rapidly.

Goku: What the...

LT: Cry Toraoryuu!

Goku watched as LT released his Zanpakuto and in the blink of an eye, the giant Hollow was retreating.

Goku: What was that?!

LT: I'll explain later. I will open a Senkaimon now.

Goku: ...Okay

LT placed his hands in front of him as a door appeared and opened.

LT: Let's go!

They both entered the door as it closed behind them, they walked through a dark place until they finally reached the place where souls go after death.

LT: We are back.

Goten: Welcome back Captain LT and Goku.

Both: Thanks.

Goten: Now Goku I know that you are new and you probably don't remember the name of this place so...welcome to Soul Society.