Goku: Oh no...this is just impossible now.

Cocoa: Yeah...

LT: What's wrong surprised?

LT: This training wasn't going to be easy eh.

Ella: Yeah now get prepared because we won't hold back.

Goku: We can't win this...

Cocoa: Are you giving up..?

Goku: What kind of question is that how can we win againt a Bankai!

Cocoa: True but don't worry remember...never give up.

Goku: ...Okay.

LT: Enough talk lets start.

Ella: What he said.

They both started to train Goku and Cocoa to achieve Bankai making them extremely tired because of the training.

Goku: hard.

Cocoa: Yeah.

Ella: Don't tell me your giving up already.

Goku: Never said I was gonna.

Ella: Good that's what I wanted to hear.

Goku: Lets go!

LT: Heh he just never gives up and that's good.

Cocoa: Lets go Captain LT!

LT: Someone sounds excited but okay then.

They kept training until they suddently reached their inner world in the middle of the training.

Goku: This place again...

Kuroiken: Welcome back...Goku.

Goku: Oh Kuroiken hi.

Kuroiken: ...I see that you are training to achieve Bankai.

Goku: Yeah can you help me.

Kuroiken: ...Probably..probably not.

Goku: Okay then...

Kuroiken: Only you can chose whether you can control its power.

Goku: ...Of course.

Kuroiken: Very well go and keep training then.

In the meanwhile in Cocoa's inner world.

Cocoa: Huh where am I...

Sode no Shirayuki: Welcome Cocoa.

Cocoa: Oh its you...

Sode no Shirayuki: Yes I was seeing that you are training to achieve Bankai.

Cocoa: Yes.

Sode no Shirayuki: Okay....go and keep training hard enough you'll soon see something.

They both kept training until LT and Ella where about to deliver the final blow at that moment their spiritual pressure started to rise to an extreme level.

LT: What?!

Ella: ...This is impossible.

Goku: Lets go Cocoa!

Cocoa: Yeah!

LT and Ella stood there in shock as they saw Goku and Cocoa raise their Zanpakuto's.

Goku and Cocoa: BANKAI!

Goku and Cocoa activated their Bankai's leaving both LT and Ella in shock.