LT: Goku stay back and protect Captain Ella and Cocoa.

Goku: Wait why?!

Goten: You can't handle these types of Hollow's without a released Zanpakuto.

LT: And don't worry I am a Captain and Goten is a Lieutenant so we are gonna be okay.

Goku: ...Okay

Goku went back to protect Ella and Cocoa when suddently an Adjuchas Hollow appears and tries to attack Cocoa. Goku then moves quickly to protect her barely blocking the Hollow's attack.

Goku: You okay Cocoa?

Cocoa: ...Yes but..why did you protect me?

Goku: When I first met you I managed to see in your eyes that you were troubled about something so...after that moment I swore to protect you.

Cocoa is left in shock after hearing what Goku said. Soon the Hollow manages to break Goku's Zanpakuto and pon him to a tree to try and crush him.

LT: Goku! Damn it I can't leave Goten alone with this much Hollow's around.

Goku: Gah!

Goku was in extreme pain as he asked someone to help him. When suddently he hears a voice in his head.

???: Do you think you have what it takes to wield my power..?

Goku: Who are you?

???: Answer my question...

Goku: Yes!

???: Why?

Goku: What do you mean why? I need it to protect my friends.

???: ...Very well my name is Kuroiken and I am...the spirit of your Zanpakuto.

Goku: Okay...please Kuroiken I need your help.

Kuroiken: I go whenever you need my power just say the release command which is Awaken and say my name.

Goku: Okay thanks a lot...Kuroiken.

Goku felt at peace after encountering his Zanpakuto spirit knowing that he could protect his friends his Zanpakuto starts to glow.

Cocoa: Goku...your Zanpakuto.

Goten: Hey Captain do you think he finally did it?

LT: Yeah...there's no doubt about it.

The glow coming from Goku's Zanpakuto soon creates a shockwave that pushes the Hollow that was crushing him back. After that his spiritual pressure starts to increase rapidly leaving everyone around him in shock.

Ella: Is that...the boy that joined LT's squad recently.

Cocoa: Yeah...

Goten: ...This is incredible I have never felt something like this.

LT: I never knew he was this strong...

Goku stands confident again as he rushes to fight of the Hollow's with LT and Goten.

Goku: Are you gonna stand there looking or what?

Goten: Oh yeah lets keep going Captain LT.

LT: Yeah!

As they starts fighting Jeff appears again with something in his hand.

Jeff: Mind if I join the party.

Jeff soon drops some kind of medicine on Ella and Cocoa which heals them. Ella and Cocoa soon stand up to join the fight.

Ella: Thanks I guess...lets go Cocoa.

Cocoa: Okay...

Soon they were all standing side by side prepared the fight off the Hollow's.