Ella and LT: Okay everyone on our command we release our Zanpakuto's.

Goku: Got it!

Cocoa: Okay...

Jeff: I'm ready!

Goten: Roger that.

Ella: I hope this is the last time I have to work together with you.

LT: Oh shut up and focus on the battle.

As they stood there prepared the Hollow's came closer as time passed.

LT: Just a little more...

Everyone put their Zanpakuto's in front of them to prepare and release them. As the Hollow's came closer the teams spiritual pressure started to rise.

Ella and LT: NOW!

LT: Cry Toraoryuu!

Ella: Kill Grace!

Cocoa: Dance Sode no Shirayuki!

Goten: Come forth Takehiro!

Jeff: Sever Mokushiroku!

Goku: Awaken Kuroiken!

A huge cloud of dust covered the whole team as they appeared with their Zanpakuto's in their released state and rushed into battle.

Goku: So this is my Zanpakuto in its released state huh.

LT: Goku focus on the battle.

Goku: Sorry.

Jeff battled some Hollow's as he summoned a giant fire dragon that consumed and incinerated every Hollow in its way.

Jeff: Well that was very easy.

Next Cocoa used her Zanpakuto to freeze and shatter some more Hollow's.

Cocoa: I'm done over here...

LT fired a red beam from his Zanpakuto that sliced another part of the Hollow's in half.

LT: Finished already.

Ella moved so fast that it appeared she was teleporting and slashed some Hollow's killing them.

Ella: And all in the blink of an eye....literally.

Goten stabbed the ground with his Zanpakuto which made rock pillars emerge from the ground and crush the Hollow's.

Goten: Okay i'm done now only one that's left is Goku.

Goku was still fighting struggling a bit with the Adjuchas class Hollow's.

Goku: I must finish this quick everyone already finished.

He started to charge some energy into his Zanpakuto which made it extend to great lenghts and killed the rest of the Hollow's in one single slash.

LT: About time you finished.

Goku: Well sorry then I was trying my Zanpakuto out!

Goten: Okay don't fight the important thing is that we finished the mission.

Cocoa: What he said...

Ella: True now open a Senkaimon LT.

LT: Don't tell me what to do.

LT placed his hands in front of him again as he opened a Senkaimon and everyone entered it and arrived back at Soul Society.

Goku: Ah finally we are home.

Cocoa: feels so relaxing.

Jeff: Yep

Goku: You came with us Jeff?!

Jeff: Of course I live here too you know I just got lost in the forest.

Goku: Oh.

Everyone was relieved to be home when suddenly they saw Kotsu walking toward them...